terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012

It's confirmed!

Today, I tried to look for more pictures of TK aircraft whose bellies are painted with TK's name and logo just to prove that the previous photo I had posted on Saturday wasn't "photoshopped".

And I got another one! This time, it's an Airbus 330:

I adore this! The logo is cool! Well, everybody knows tht I am a sucker for TK logo!

What about this:

And yet another one!

And now, it's confirmed! TK has started to do this concept too!

I am wondering how many TK aircraft whose bellies are painted with huge lettering of TK's name and logo?

Ah, this time, I got the name of the photographer of the A330: it's Marty Becker. As for the B777-300ER, photographers' names are in the pictures.

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