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FORMIA forges new amenity kit partnership with Turkish Airlines

By Mary Jane Pittilla, Brands Editor
Inflight amenity kit specialist FORMIA has been awarded a prestigious three-year contract to supply Turkish Airlines with amenity kits across all the airline’s cabins.

Turkish Airlines, which made the award to the Hong Kong-based firm in late 2011, was nominated Europe’s Best Airline by Skytrax in 2011.

Commenting on the contract, FORMIA Managing Director Roland Grohmann said: “We are very proud to have been awarded this significant contract by one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world. Not only is this three-year agreement one of the most sizeable in our industry in recent times, it also represents the consolidation of FORMIA’s position as a premier player in the onboard service amenity kit market.”

The tender process was highly competitive with all the key players in the industry participating, he noted.

"FORMIA was ultimately successful on the basis of its unique combination of a number of factors: innovation, quality of product and design, range of reputable brands, and perceived value," he continued. "FORMIA’s experience in supplying the industry and its reputation for reliability as a partner were also vital ingredients in Turkish Airlines’ final decision."

Bags are offered in business class long haul and cosmetics in business class short haul and Comfort Class

Top: Crabtree & Evelyn's Jojoba Oil range; Above: Two tin boxes, each featuring a different world map print
Launch in first quarter of 2012

Grohmann explained FORMIA’s growing success: “We listened carefully to Turkish Airlines in order to fully understand their brand, vision and strategy. By involving our designers directly with the Turkish Airlines team, we were able to speed up product development and ensure valuable design synergies. We took great care to translate the brief into a range of tailor-made, value-for-money proposals which respect the airline’s budgetary requirements.

"FORMIA brought to the table its extensive experience from the hospitality industries as well as our established relationships with many top global brands. Our expertise in these areas is second to none and is backed by a long track record of successful supply operations, on-time performance and dedication to quality. I believe these factors were critical in Turkish Airlines’ choice of supplier: this is a wide-ranging contract and the ability to supply regular, large quantities of kits on-schedule was of the utmost importance to the airline."

Grohmann added: "FORMIA has forged a unique and differentiated position in the industry by focusing exclusively on high quality, attractive inflight amenity kits which add value to our clients’ operations.”

The new range of FORMIA kits will be launched onboard Turkish Airlines flights during the first quarter of 2012 and will introduce branded bags in business class long haul and branded cosmetics in business class short haul and Comfort Class.

Grohmann continued: “We have also proposed frequent changes to the various kits which are offered to passengers, thereby creating a level of fresh enthusiasm and surprise in each cabin.“

The aim, he explained, is to support the airline in its marketing activities by making the kits an attractive and flexible means of communicating the company’s ethos to passengers.

FORMIA’s Crabtree & Evelyn iPad case

As part of the three-year contract with Turkish Airlines, FORMIA will be supplying a new iPad case for business class long-haul passengers which features the airline’s signature mark on the flap and products from the prestigious British-inspired lifestyle brand Crabtree & Evelyn inside the case.

The cosmetics products from Crabtree & Evelyn’s famous Jojoba Oil range aim to add significant value to this kit, encouraging passengers to indulge both during the flight as well as later once they have reached their destination, FORMIA said.

Each iPad case includes a drawstring pouch and a small pencil case holding a selection of items and cosmetics by Crabtree & Evelyn, including a natural lip balm and hand cream.

Pencil case for economy passengers

One of the economy class long-haul kits comprises a versatile pencil case that can be re-used after the trip in many different ways. The Turkish Airlines name and logo standing out all along the zipper are designed to give the case a modern and casual style, reinforced by the vibrant colour schemes reflecting the airline’s palette.

FORMIA will supply the pencil case in a variety of colours. This colour range rotation seeks to constantly refresh the product, the company said.

The pencil case contains a branded lip balm and a suite of essential items.

Tin boxes for economy class travellers

This economy class long-haul kit comprises two tin boxes, each featuring a different world map print, turning the boxes into collector’s items. The two original designs, one or other being presented to passengers onboard, are said to be just the start of a series of motifs that will follow in the years ahead, seeking to preserving the item’s novelty value and impact.

Containing a selection of comfort items and branded cosmetics, the boxes' robust structure and style invite passengers to reuse them, FORMIA said.

One of the first themes to be launched on the tins is dedicated to Piri Reis, an Ottoman captain, geographer and cartographer who lived between 1465 and 1555. Travel, Inspiration & Discovery are three themes which aim to bring together history, culture and indulgence.

The second tin box features a specially commissioned abstract world map in Turkish Airlines colours, highlighting the company’s destinations around the globe.


FORMIA offers the travel industry a full range of quality amenity kits, cosmetics and comfort items as well as tailor-made inflight service concepts. Over the past three decades, Hong Kong-based FORMIA has forged product expertise in working with hotels and airlines. The company operates globally and aims to bring a professional and distinctive approach to premium guest and inflight service amenities.

FORMIA seeks to research the constant changes in consumer trends. The results of this trend-watching activity are presented at an annual industry forum hosted by the company. By continuously tracking trends in lifestyle, fashion and design, FORMIA is able to translate its findings into innovative new ideas aimed at improving airlines’ inflight services.

About Turkish Airlines

Established in 1933, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines operates a fleet of 177 aircraft (passenger and cargo) flying to 191 cities, comprising 40 domestic and 151 international destinations. One of the fastest-growing airlines, Turkish Airlines has received several Passengers Choice Awards from the consumer ranking group, Skytrax.

Based on 2011 results, Turkish Airlines was chosen as the winner in three categories: Best Airline Europe, Best Premium Economy Seats for its Comfort Class seats and Best Airline Southern Europe. It has also received awards for its catering and holds a four-star designation, putting the airline in a small group of top quality carriers.

Turkish Airlines was also given the Skytrax designation of World's Best Economy Class On-board Catering in 2010 and Skyscanner's Best On-board Food 2011. Long-haul business class passengers also enjoy the Flying Chef service onboard.

For details, contact Florencia Pascual on florencia@formia.com

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