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Post-flight comments


Economy Class

I still don't have a lot of experience flying on Turkish Airlines so my observation is not a generalisation of what the services are on a daily basis. I only base my ratings on these particular flights I had taken with them so far.

Ground services

Hong Kong Airport TK ground services
  • Friendly and professional staff: 8 out of 10

Istanbul Airport TK ground services
  • A corteous gentleman at the transit desk seemed concerned about me not having a place to stay at the airport for more than 30 hours when I arrived in Istanbul from São Paulo. He tried to arrange for my accommodation. His name was Hakan (if I'm not mistaken). Though I had to wait for 12 hours to get a place at the airport hotel, I still appreciate his help.
  • I came across some few ground handling agents who may need to undergo more customer service training.
  • Long waiting hours in Istanbul on connecting flights for the São Paulo-Hong Kong route (update: connections for Hong Kong-Istanbul-São Paulo are now OK - no long waiting time in Istanbul)
  • Luggage handlers in Istanbul took care of my luggage during transit. My luggage was waiting for me in Hong Kong when I arrived there. That's efficiency in action.
  • Istanbul Airport is a nice airport for transit. And more...with proper documentation and if schedule allows, you can embark on a free city tour of beautiful Istanbul!
  • Their rating is: 8 out of 10

São Paulo Airport TK ground services

  • Check-in counters of Turkish Airlines are some of the most beautiful and decorated counters at the São Paulo Guarulhos Airport.
  • The agent who attended me was professional, spoke good English though a bit serious. The lady gate agent was rude.
  • There were Turkish interpreters at the check-in counters for those passengers who don't understand Portuguese nor English. That's a plus point!
  • Rating is: 9 out of 10

In-flight service (in all flights)
  • Lovely cabin interior (update: With the new THY planes, cabin interior looks even better.)
  • For the A340 on the Istanbul-São Paulo service, legroom was limited due the IFE box. For a 14-hour flight, it was very uncomfortable. Seat width was OK though. On-board entertainment in economy was excellent with many choices of movies and songs.
  • In all flights, the flight attendants who served the rows where I was sitting were, in general, professional and corteous. Nothing to complain about.
  • I love the food. And oh, they are the recipient of the 2010 World's Best Economy Class On-board Catering Award...need I say more?
  • Forget minor flaws. For these first four flights I had with Turkish Airlines, this is their rating: 9 out of 10

Customer service online/via e-mail
  • As for their frequent flyer program, my Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles classic card was delivered to me two weeks after my trip. Nice!
  • In my overall experience, THY staff in Turkey promptly responds to e-mails within 24 hours. That's efficient.
  • Their rating: 10 out of 10

Just a quick note on their Lusophone route (services to Portuguese-speaking countries- Brazil and Portugal): Turkish Airlines could assign to these flights certain flight attendants who speak at least some basic Portuguese. The Portuguese-speaking passengers to and from Brazil and Portugal would be happy about it. Turkish Airlines is doing good in these routes and speaking the language of the majority of the passengers of the market they serve would be much appreciated. Just my 2 cents...

Again, I only based my comments on my first four flights on Turkish Airlines so far.

So guys, no brainer...obviously, I'll fly with Turkish Airlines again! And I highly recommend them!

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